Dew Points for Runners


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Something I have learned- it is not all the heat, it is not all the sun, it is not all the humidity, but it is the mixture- known as the dew point.  This is what affects me the most. I got this chart from Runner’s World and I find it to be helpful. Hopefully, it will help you out too.

50–54 Very comfortable PR conditions
55–59 Comfortable Hard efforts likely not affected
60–64 Uncomfortable for some people Expect race times to be slower than in optimal conditions
65–69 Uncomfortable for most people Easy training runs might feel OK but difficult to race well or do hard efforts
70–74 Very humid and uncomfortable Expect pace to suffer greatly
75 or greater Extremely oppressive Skip it or drama

Running Block


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We have all heard of writer’s block (i’m not suffering from it- just lack of time), but who has heard of RUNNER’S BLOCK???

I have it… I know I need to keep up my endurance, but everything seems to unmotivate  (I know not a real word, but whatever) me… work… school (you would think going to school to become a Personal Trainer would motivate me, but it gives me an excuse to be too busy), life…

I have to work out different schedules to get my runs in and I have tried going back to the treadmill. Treadmill running STINKS!!! I do get bored running the same routes outside, but I can switch it up. Treadmill- I can watch the tv, but it still bores me! 

Here’s a fact- I get bored easily. I need goals to work towards, and sometimes it is hard to reach, but I need to reach for it. Hence, in one summer, I am going from a non-runner to a runner.  Yes, I am a runner… but I still suffer running blocks.

I even use my mom as a running block. She wants to run with me, but I focus on her and not me. She focuses on me, asking me how I feel- I was having a bad run and she allowed me to turn around early. I should have pushed on, but I took the excuse.

What do you do to get over running hurdles and blocks? I need  ideas… anyone?


Running Shoes Infographic


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Running Shoes Infographic

I get questions from friends and family members about picking out the best running shoes. While, I will usually send them to Chuck at Rogan’s Shoes, this is a great infographic I found explaining how to pick out shoes.



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Should I start with something tacky, like my inspiration is me? Well, that is partially true. I have learned I can inspire myself to continue on my journey, but I cannot be the only inspiration.  However, I have a mini-achievement/inspiration wall going.

ImageI need this to show me that I have down it and I can continue to do it! Hey- I ran the track of the Hallow Grounds of Lambeau! That is an amazing achievement!

I need other things to push me. One thing that I have on my phone, that I need to look at weekly at least is a picture I have of one of my inspirations and me. Who is this inspiration? Danni Allen- winner of Biggest Loser. We are the same age, started at the same weight, have the same career, and are both from the same area of the country. Her journey and achievements show me I can do this. I can achieve what I set my mind to. I am not doing this to be healthy (I am, but there is more to it), I am doing this to become me and become an inspiration to others.

ImageMaybe I can inspire you.

A Long Overdue Post about Wellness


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I have been at a loss for words for the past couple weeks. I was having a lot of successful fitness-wise, but I was struggling in other areas of my life. I am no longer happy where I am in my life (career-wise) and I didn’t know what to do. I love my job and the people I work with, but I have a supervisor who is working hard to tear me down piece-by-piece. I kept a strong face at work, but inside I was cracking. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep.  My co-workers were pushing me to stand up for myself, but I am scared of losing my job.

I had to take a hard look at myself and figure out what I needed to do with my life.  I have always wanted to be a personal trainer, in fact- that was going to be my gift to myself when I hit my goal weight. I realized during one of my runs that today is today. I need to stop waiting and do it now. I signed up for National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification and started taking classes this week.

In order to keep making positive moves in my life, I needed to be well in all areas of my life. I have multiple goals that I am working towards at once and it is okay.  I need these goals to continue to be happy and make positive moves in my life. There is a new positive air about me that wasn’t there before.  When my supervisor makes a snarky retort at me trying to tear me down, I am able to give one right back- no longer letting him have the upper hand. It is also good to know, that I will not be there in a couple months (hopefully).

Road Etiquette


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The are rules to the road. You learn this when you are a kid and your parents take you on walks or when you ride your bike down to the end of the block and back for the first time.

By the time we are 10, our parents have told us countless times how to ride our bikes on the correct side and just be safe on the road. When we turn 16, we are not just handed keys to the car and with a “Have fun!” from our parents, we are put into classes where we are taught the “rules of the road” again.  We have to take tests in order to get our driver’s license. You think by the time you are 16, you should be able to run and bike on the correct side of the road.

Every day I run, I see people not paying attention to road etiquette.  Cars getting to close to cyclists, runner and walkers on the same side of traffic. There are reasons we need to follow directions on the road.  People can get hurt easily especially when there is a large vehicle barreling at you, and you cannot see it.

When (walkers and) runners are running (walking) on the opposite direction of traffic, you control traffic. You see what is going on and can make eye contact with the driver if they are not moving over.  If they are not moving over, you can move over to the side. If you are on the same side as traffic, you cannot see the traffic behind you.  Traffic is in control of your future.

Why risk unnecessary injury?



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Drink more water. I thought I drank enough water yesterday- 1 Liter of Smart Water, plus another 1/2 Liter of regular water before the run and a few cups after. Totally not enough! Fast forward to today and I felt fine, until a few hours into work and woah- lightheadedness started.
After doing research, I found out I didn’t drink enough water after my run to replenish everything I sweated out. I had to man up and drink Gatorade and I am anti-Gatorade- too much sugar and random chemicals that I cannot pronounce. Plus, it’s 4 PPVs (Weight Watchers 360 Program). That is a lot of liquid carbs and calories for me to drink. I got over it and drank it. It needed to be done.
Every run produces a new thing I learned- last night/today I learned that I need to drink more water on days I run, not just before, but also after.

Day One DONE!


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Today was the first day of my half-marathon training and man was the heat more than I expected.  I know I can run 3 miles straight, but in this heat it was a challenge.  I did it though.

I learned that if I start walking, it really is hard to start running again- you feel it in your muscles and joints. Unfortunately, with this heat, I had to take a few breathers and slow my pace down to a fast walk.

You are probably thinking, girl didn’t hydrate enough. I did. I even added Smart Water in to help with my electrolytes knowing that the heat would be brutal.

Training for a half-marathon is going to be hard, but in the end it will feel good.