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March 2015… I cannot believe it has been a year since my life has taken a 180. Back in January 2014, I thought I was a healthy and in the right direction. Then I asked my mentor about trying Crossfit- so I tried it for free on a Saturday. I do not remember the strength we did that day, but I do remember the work-out of the day- “Burt Reynolds.” It kicked my ass. I thought I died and learn I wasn’t doing Burpees properly in the years that I had been doing them.

I signed up 2 days later and never stopped going.

I also thought I was eating right and properly nurturing my body, but I realized back in October I needed something more. I learned more about what my body needed and started looking for a good BCAA (branched chain amino acids). Asking questions, will lead to answers and may change your way of thinking. I asked, and was turned on to AdvoCare for Mass Impact (BCAA) and Catalyst (it acts like a shield for your muscles, it helps you keep your muscle mass when you are losing weight).  I loved my results, and was not looking for anything more.

At the same time, I switched nutrition plans- from something I was doing for over 5 years to counting my macros. With that, I realized that I was eating too much carbs and not enough protein.

My good friend challenged me to do the 24 Day Challenge in January. I was hoping it would fail. I did not believe it would work, and I saw random people do it and not get any results. I did it, and I committed to it. I lost weight and inches, and they are still coming off months later. The people I met in AdvoCare legitimately care about you and are there for you during the challenge. They want to make sure you are getting the results that you want.

I can finally say after YEARS of struggling, I am finally only 34 lbs away from my goal weight. What is interesting about that statement- a year ago my goal weight (at 5’2″) was 115 lbs. Now after being introduced to a healthy lifestyle and realizing the importance of muscle mass and having a healthy lifestyle.