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Okay… so it is a dramatic title, but these last couple months have been a journey. This journey is making my life into something I never thought possible. If you told me in college that I would be where I am now, I don’t think I would believe you.

So where am I? I am a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER with NASM, I ran a half-marathon, looking to become a spin instructor, growing my own business, working and traveling for a small (yet, big) company and a proud dog and cat owner.

Every day I am making changes in my life and becoming healthier and more fit than where I was in 2009. Back in 2009, I was 248 lbs and I thought I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. I slowly made changes, and worked hard to get where I am. I even had to deal with people who thought it was okay for me to put on a XXXL shirt (when I was a Large), when I already had mental issues dealing with my weight and my clothing size. It was hard to deal with mentally. It still sits with me.

I finally am starting to let go of everything that is haunting me. It is a long and hard journey. It is never ending, but I will succeed.

I met someone last night that really was able to let me see into my future. She was able to talk to me and let me see what they need for personal trainers and what personal trainers need to succeed  in life. It is going to be a hard transition for me, but I need to get back in the game and continue these life changes.