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The half-marathon is done and over. Okay, it’s been done for over a month, but these last two months have been the craziest and most exciting months. 


The week before the half-marathon went by in a flash. I felt unprepared, nervous, ready to puke at a second’s notice, and out of shape. This was all in my head. I prepared. I felt good on my long runs. I had to realize I was at my best. I took a half-day the day before to go get my packet. 

Packet pick-up: Face-in-palm! What do I do at the pick-up? Sign-up for 2 more half-marathons next summer! I didn’t even run my first one yet, and I decided Hey! Let’s do some more. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! (Okay, maybe not… but that is what I was feeling later)

Morning of: I had to be up and ready by 5:15am. I am NOT a morning person. So this was not so awesome, but I did it. I get in the car with Sarah and we were off. Both extremely nervous and ready to get this done. We got there. Parked on the opposite side of the park as the starting line, went to the bathroom- which was a riot since they cleaned out the port-o-potties before the race, so there was nothing weighing them down- they were rocking.  As we walked to the starting line, time flew. By the time we pushed into the starting corral- the gun was off and waves were starting.

Half-marathon: The gun went off. Sarah and I looked at each other started our music. Hit our GPS unit and wished each other luck. You just start running. I kept reminding myself, “The first mile always sucks. Push through it.”

I pushed through the first mile and I fell behind Sarah (I knew it was going to happen) and I met up with Mr. Stinky. Mr. Stinky- he is that guy you know that prefers going au natural. No deodorant. No deodorant and a full-sleeve shirt on a half-marathon run when it is 70 degrees out and he is a major sweater. OH! I almost quit being stuck behind him. It was that bad. Luckily, we got separated and I was on the next leg. I ran into Sarah a little bit later where there is a circular part of the course. She high-fived me and encouraged me (thanks babe!). I kept running, jammed along with my music, ran through Marquette, looked for the basketball team and my cousin. Damn! They weren’t there. They were probably training.

Then I ran into my Mom and Dad. My Dad was suppose to be at work, but he worked a switch because he knew how important this was for me. I was almost in tears seeing them there. They were cheering me on and then met up with me a few miles later. Between the two spots I saw my parents, I did something to my right IT Band. What? I still don’t know. All I know is in mile 6, it starting hurting, but I pushed through. I pushed through the 10K mark and the 15K mark. I pushed as hard as I could with the pain. The hill to the last 2 miles was horrible, but I did it. The last mile, I said “Screw this, I am finishing with a run.” So I ran through the parking lot, ran to the stadium (waved to my parents), ran on the warning track, smiled to the photographers (got some awesome pictures), and pushed my way to the Finish Line. 


That Finish Line pissed me off. I hit 13.1 WAY before the finish line- thank you very much! I didn’t realize I was wearing the pain on my face until Sarah and my parents came up to me. My dad was taking items from me and Sarah asked “Where are you hurt?”

But… I DID IT! I finished a half-marathon and was NOT picked up by the SAG bus. 


I had to limp to the car, and I needed help over the curbs. Curbs were not my friend. 

It was and still such a great feeling- knowing I achieved something I thought was impossible.