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You can train so hard for your goal, but without the proper nutrition, you will get nowhere. I know many people will disagree, but I am a living testament to what adding a good diet can do to a great fitness regiment. I am not a nutrition specialist, I do not claim I am one, everything I am writing about is based on my personal experiences and research.

I can do all the exercises out there and not lose a pound. True story- I did Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and barely lost anything. Why didn’t I lose what I wanted to? Well, I wasn’t watching my caloric intake (or Weight Watchers PPV).  I tracked every day, when it was convenient. It was rarely convenient. I needed to learn- if you take in more calories than you put out, you will gain. It is simple.

Simple?! HA! Might be simple for someone who in not a food addict, but guess what? I am a food addict. Food is everything to me. I’m happy, sad, depressed, I eat. I’m bored- I eat. Any reason to eat, I eat. I have learned to stuff myself with water, protein and veggies, but it took time for me to get there though. It was not an overnight realization. In fact, I still struggle. I will always struggle with this. One of the main reason I wanted to become a personal trainer is to help people understand that this is a hard thing to work through, but it is POSSIBLE! I want to help others, like me, work through this never-ending journey.

Another thing I look at now, compared to before, is how fresh is everything? I am not saying I don’t processed foods because technically the moment you start preparing food, it can be considered processed food. I am saying, I want to personally make my meals, and eat more fruits and veggies.

I want to prove to myself that I am making everything count, I not only track at weightwatchers.com, but I also use myfitnesspal.com. I am able to see how I can make changes that will help me work towards my weight loss goal.

Did I mention I am a caffeine addict? Yea… caffeine makes my world go round. I used to love the mochas and extra sugary coffee drinks. Now, I cannot touch them without gagging. I need my coffee as plain as possible.  If I cannot have coffee, I have been recently introduced to Bod-e Burn from Vemma. I was hitting my mid-afternoon lag, and I replaced my coffee (0 PPV) for a Bod-e Burn (3 PPV). I was surprised by it.  Almost immediately, I felt better. Why did I choose something with more PPVs in it? Easy, the protein, dietary fiber, mangosteen, vitamins, CLA, antioxidants, and the minerals made it worth it to me. It was able to replace, not only my coffee, but my mid-afternoon snack. Totally worth it to me.

This is nowhere near the end of my food journey. I will continue to post more extensive articles about nutrition and what I have done and will continue to do.