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10 miles. I ran 10 miles this weekend.  Woah!

I NEVER thought I could run 10 miles in a week, let alone, 10 miles in one run.

I did it. It was amazing and exciting for the first half. I was golden- I wore a skirt (for the first time running). I was cool and the breeze was awesome. In fact, I decided that I did not need to loop back to my house halfway in the run and get more water. Big mistake, but I made do.  As the run progressed, I dealt with traffic growing, temperature rising, and running out of water. My pace suffered, but I kept going. I found a vacant house with water still on that I was able to get water from the spigot.

I made it. I kept going through all the challenges and made 10 miles.

Me. Crazy, stubborn, lazy me ran 10 miles… WHAT?!

I knew that I would have to hit that milestone, but who actually realizes how big of a milestone that is until, you hit it? I didn’t.

I felt so good after running 10 miles, that I signed up for a Triathlon Club.

I guess I can no longer say I am lazy.

Less than a month away from my final goal, and I am working hard to make my goal of finishing my FIRST Half-Marathon in less than 3 hours.

I think I got this.