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We have all heard of writer’s block (i’m not suffering from it- just lack of time), but who has heard of RUNNER’S BLOCK???

I have it… I know I need to keep up my endurance, but everything seems to unmotivate  (I know not a real word, but whatever) me… work… school (you would think going to school to become a Personal Trainer would motivate me, but it gives me an excuse to be too busy), life…

I have to work out different schedules to get my runs in and I have tried going back to the treadmill. Treadmill running STINKS!!! I do get bored running the same routes outside, but I can switch it up. Treadmill- I can watch the tv, but it still bores me! 

Here’s a fact- I get bored easily. I need goals to work towards, and sometimes it is hard to reach, but I need to reach for it. Hence, in one summer, I am going from a non-runner to a runner.  Yes, I am a runner… but I still suffer running blocks.

I even use my mom as a running block. She wants to run with me, but I focus on her and not me. She focuses on me, asking me how I feel- I was having a bad run and she allowed me to turn around early. I should have pushed on, but I took the excuse.

What do you do to get over running hurdles and blocks? I need  ideas… anyone?