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Should I start with something tacky, like my inspiration is me? Well, that is partially true. I have learned I can inspire myself to continue on my journey, but I cannot be the only inspiration.  However, I have a mini-achievement/inspiration wall going.

ImageI need this to show me that I have down it and I can continue to do it! Hey- I ran the track of the Hallow Grounds of Lambeau! That is an amazing achievement!

I need other things to push me. One thing that I have on my phone, that I need to look at weekly at least is a picture I have of one of my inspirations and me. Who is this inspiration? Danni Allen- winner of Biggest Loser. We are the same age, started at the same weight, have the same career, and are both from the same area of the country. Her journey and achievements show me I can do this. I can achieve what I set my mind to. I am not doing this to be healthy (I am, but there is more to it), I am doing this to become me and become an inspiration to others.

ImageMaybe I can inspire you.