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The are rules to the road. You learn this when you are a kid and your parents take you on walks or when you ride your bike down to the end of the block and back for the first time.

By the time we are 10, our parents have told us countless times how to ride our bikes on the correct side and just be safe on the road. When we turn 16, we are not just handed keys to the car and with a “Have fun!” from our parents, we are put into classes where we are taught the “rules of the road” again.  We have to take tests in order to get our driver’s license. You think by the time you are 16, you should be able to run and bike on the correct side of the road.

Every day I run, I see people not paying attention to road etiquette.  Cars getting to close to cyclists, runner and walkers on the same side of traffic. There are reasons we need to follow directions on the road.  People can get hurt easily especially when there is a large vehicle barreling at you, and you cannot see it.

When (walkers and) runners are running (walking) on the opposite direction of traffic, you control traffic. You see what is going on and can make eye contact with the driver if they are not moving over.  If they are not moving over, you can move over to the side. If you are on the same side as traffic, you cannot see the traffic behind you.  Traffic is in control of your future.

Why risk unnecessary injury?