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Drink more water. I thought I drank enough water yesterday- 1 Liter of Smart Water, plus another 1/2 Liter of regular water before the run and a few cups after. Totally not enough! Fast forward to today and I felt fine, until a few hours into work and woah- lightheadedness started.
After doing research, I found out I didn’t drink enough water after my run to replenish everything I sweated out. I had to man up and drink Gatorade and I am anti-Gatorade- too much sugar and random chemicals that I cannot pronounce. Plus, it’s 4 PPVs (Weight Watchers 360 Program). That is a lot of liquid carbs and calories for me to drink. I got over it and drank it. It needed to be done.
Every run produces a new thing I learned- last night/today I learned that I need to drink more water on days I run, not just before, but also after.