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I didn’t mean to not write for two weeks, but I ended getting sick. So, thought it would be a great segway to discuss illness and injury.

I have always been an injury-prone kid- I have plantar fascitis and tendonitis in both feet, bad knees and ankles, and tend to injure myself.  Starting to run scared me at first, last summer when I tried to run, I got runner’s knee and could not run for the rest of the summer.

I ended up getting a sinus infection and bronchitis (with enough fluid in my lungs to cause pneumonia-eek!) right after I finished my 4 mile run.  I learned a rule that I never heard before- the neck rule. So what is the neck rule? If it is above the neck- proceed with caution, if it is below the neck- REST! It was helpful.  I was able to come back a week later and run without losing too much of the progress I already made.

Now that I am healthy again, I need to  get back to the plan.  I have another 5k next week and I am working on my timing.  At the same time, I need to start training for my Half-Marathon.

Let’s do this!