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I made my first milestone and accomplished more than I thought I could.

I loved the feeling of hearing the gun shot and taking off with the runners. I was able to keep my pace and not get caught up in the excitement, but I will admit I wanted to and at one point, even got disappointed that I couldn’t. I was able to take control of my thoughts and pace myself out in the first quarter mile.

I never thought I like running, but *gasp* I do! How did this happen?

My first run

My first run

I never thought I would be able to run 4 miles straight, in the rain, and enjoy it. I enjoyed it, granted I got sick (but I have since learned that your immune system does tend to weaken after a race) but it was an awesome feeling.

I had so many great moments in the run.  My most memorable was passing an athlete in the first quarter mile and they never caught up with me. I could not believe it.

I finished the Lighthouse Run in 50:53.  I broke my personal best for the 5k at 38:48! Which is awesome, over a minute over my last fastest time.

Since the run, I have signed up to “Storm the Bastille” in Milwaukee (another 5k) and looking to signing up for the Packer 5K Run, as I continue to train for my Half-Marathon in September.

Run as fast as I can!

Run as fast as I can!

Since running the 4 Mile Race, I am looking into the best ways to train for my half. I am looking into Hal Higdon- so many people have told me great things about his training programs.