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The mental game is getting more and more real the closer I get to the run on Saturday.

I feel the nerves getting to me.  I have never run a distance before and fact that I am two days away from my first timed distance run- I am getting nervous and can see myself sleeping in on Saturday instead of placing the number on my shirt and start running in the local downtown vicinity.

Right now, I am attempting to get over the nerves by not thinking about it and staying busy. I try to stay away from my usual nervous gestures- eating. Can’t eat junk food, it messes with my system and will not help with my run. In fact, it could weigh my down on Saturday.

Speaking of food, tomorrow at work we are having a barbecue and there will be brats and hot dogs. Both over processed and not good for me a day before the run. Instead, I will be bringing my own chicken breast marinated in whatever sauce I am in the mood for.  Maybe I will be nice and bring something healthy to pass around.

I was actually surprised that a coworker is meeting me at the Finish Line and two others have asked me about my run this weekend.  I am a little sad that my family will not be able to see me run- my mother and sister both work and my dad was suppose to have off, but being a firefighter he was asked to work the run. Too bad his squad will be on the 10 Mile Course and not the 4 Mile Course.

I am waiting to hit that finish line and feel a sense of accomplishment. I am on my way to making a goal possible in my life!