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When I saw people running, all I ever saw was someone just putting one foot in front of other. Not hard, right?

Ha! Boy, was I wrong! There is so much more to running then moving. Getting up and moving is step one. The most important step. After getting up and moving, it is figuring out the best plan of action to keep running (or whatever activity you want to try).

For me, I decided I needed a future goal to help keep me motivated- run a 4 Mile Race (Screw the 5K- :S) I looked into different training plans and decided to use the Coach to 5K Plan.  I bought the app, which I love and used it for about 6-7 weeks to train.  Closer I got the the 4 mile run, I moved to distance running instead of time running.

Two weeks before the Lighthouse 4 Mile Run, I decided I needed another goal and decided to sign up for a half-marathon.  I found a training plan that matches up exactly with my 4 mile (this week) and ending 16 weeks later at the Brewers Mini Marathon.

As I have been training I realized I need motivation, support, goals, and running buddies.

Motivation comes from so many different sources.  I have been motivated by friends, weight loss goals, fitness goals, Danni Allen (Biggest Loser Season 14) starting same place I started and being able to run at marathon, Meredith from Extreme Weight Loss being able to run a marathon after 3 months even in pain (and I know how painful a meniscus tear is- I couldn’t walk with it), and more.

What motivates you? I want to hear about what motivates other.