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Since I can remember, I have always thought that anyone who runs for fun is crazy.  Why would someone run, just to run? Yet, at the same time I was jealous.

I have never been a runner and couldn’t run a quarter mile straight, even if I wanted to. Never thought I would want to run. Why would I join those crazy people? I think I decided running was crazy because I could never run during sports practices and keep up with all the other girls.  No matter what I did, I struggled and was out of breath. Running sucked!

Fast forward until Senior of college and I was 250lbs and obese. I would struggle doing Jillian Michaels workouts that I wanted to do (granted, my mom could run circles around me by then). I joined Weight Watchers and very slowly started losing weight. I could finally do Jillian workout and cycle.  By beginning of 2012, I thought I was in great shape, then I was in a car accident.  Being rear-ended can slow your progress down, my back and neck were injured to the point I was in physical therapy for over two months.  Finally out of therapy, I thought hey! I can start were I left off. Nope! I could barely make it through a work-out and there was no way I could even bike 4 miles without being in pain.  I was so disappointed in myself, with the help of friends (especially my Weight Watchers ones and my mom) I was able to make slow and steady progress.

In August of 2012, I decided it was time to up my work-outs and start running. My first run, I was less then a 1/10th of a mile away from my house and something popped- runner’s knee. After a cortisone shot (horrible side effects!- I had to fight to keep weight off for a few months) and strength training, it seems better.

After all my ups and downs, I thought I would just continue on my slow and steady weight loss journey.  When the bombing at the Boston Marathon happened, I knew I could no longer be weak. I needed to love every moment of my life. If people can finish the marathon then go help others or if military veterans can run even though they are double amputees, I can do something as simple as running. I decided to skip the 5k and go straight to a 4 Mile Run on June 15th.  A week ago, I decided to sign up for a Mini Marathon (Half-marathon) in September.  So now, I am training to run longer and longer distances.

Here I am, somewhere I never thought I would be- training to run a Half-Marathon. I have great friends that are running the half and training with me.  I would never be able to do this without my family and friends supporting me.